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Building and Cultivating the Village Our Youth Need

At THE LEAD Academy – Athletics – Coaching, our mission is dedicated to addressing the critical issues arising from the lack of comprehensive social and emotional development in educational and athletic environments. We are committed to championing schools for thriving school culture, fostering servant leadership skills, nurturing social-emotional intelligence, and advancing athlete development.

Our goal is to create a thriving and supportive community that empowers the youth and equips them with the skills and resources needed for a purpose-driven life.

Who We Serve

Our organization is dedicated to serving a diverse range of individuals, from grades 5 to 12, providing them with essential social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and mentorship programs.

We understand the unique needs of students in grades 5-12, tailoring our offerings to help them navigate the challenges of adolescence while developing crucial life skills.

Additionally, we extend our support to collegiate athletes, offering SEL and mental performance support to empower them in their pursuit of excellence in collegiate athletics.

Meet the LEAD AAC Team

Jeremiah Brown


Jeremiah’s unique blend of experiences as a former NFL athlete, director of athletics, and school leader of culture and leadership development equips him with a diverse range of expertise. This breadth of knowledge allows him to connect with a variety of audiences, including K-12 educators, higher education professionals, and corporate teams. His ability to bridge the worlds of professional sports and education enables him to offer valuable insights on teamwork, communication, and leadership within different contexts.

Rashaad Stephen

Director of Strength & Conditioning

“My goal is for each athlete to become the BEST version of him or herself. Through skillful and purposeful training, our athletes will heighten their determination, patience, physical abilities, and most importantly LEADERSHIP!”

Certifications: CPT, CES, LEVEL 1 WLC

Adaline Mcgirt

Director of Program Design

“My goal is to bring all that I’ve learned from working in the N.Y.C. public school system for almost 10 years and revamp it for a program more focused on the student’s individual needs to build confident, purpose-driven leaders.”

Qualifications: 8 years working for the NYC Department of Education

Cavani Diggs

Director of College and Career Readiness


Director of School Partnerships

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