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Freshmen for welcome week / orientation & Seniors SAAC/ Leadership workshops

The LEAD Academy Experience

At LEAD, we understand that the transition from high school to college can be a challenging period for student-athletes. We are committed to providing tailored support to ease this transition and help college student-athletes excel academically, athletically, and personally. Our comprehensive suite of programs is designed to address the unique needs of student-athletes, enabling them to thrive in both their academic and athletic pursuits.

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Transition into College Program

Freshmen for welcome week / orientation

The “Transition into College” program is a cornerstone of our commitment to college student-athletes. It encompasses the following essential components:

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Transition into Life after College

Leveraging Transferable Skills: Student-Athletes Solving Real-World Problems

Workshop for Sophomore, Juniors, Seniors, SAAC /LEADERSHIP Development

Session Overview:

This workshop aims to inspire and empower student-athletes to recognize the value of their transferable skills and apply them to real-world challenges. Participants will explore their passions, identify transferable skills, and understand how these skills contribute to solving problems. The session emphasizes the connection between personal passion, career goals, and the application of transferable skills.

learning Objectives:

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Our programs collectively ensure that college student-athletes, as well as their coaches and educators, receive the social-emotional support and guidance necessary for their personal and professional growth. We are committed to helping student-athletes not only succeed during their college years but also thrive as they transition into their chosen careers. Your success is our success, and we are here to support you every step of the way, from middle school through college and beyond.

"Jeremiah’s session on transitioning into college for our freshmen was incredible. I believe Jeremiah's story and his wealth of knowledge truly impacted our first-year students to start off on the right foot. I have never gotten as much positive feedback as I have after a speaker has come to campus like I have for Jeremiah."

Kristen Casamento Senior Assistant Athletic Director of Academic Support at Quinnipiac University
Through these meticulously designed components, The L.E.A.D. Academy ensures that student-athletes are equipped with the tools and skills needed to excel in their athletic pursuits, academics, and personal growth.

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