Professional Development for Coaches and Educators

We provide specialized professional development for coaches and educators, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and address the emotional needs of their athletes. Our goal is to foster strong relationships and build positive team cultures within school communities.

The LEAD Coaching Experience

Our mission is to empower educators and coaches with specialized professional development that transcends traditional training. We are dedicated to fostering purpose-driven leaders among educators and coaches, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to create lasting positive impacts on student-athletes and school communities.

Our holistic approach to professional development focuses on character development, mental health support, and community engagement, reflecting the same values we instill in our student-athletes. We believe that by investing in the growth and well-being of educators and coaches, we can transform school communities into environments of growth, respect, and collaboration.

School Climate and Culture Professional development workshops for your school community ​

45-90 minute sessions

THE LEAD COACHING workshops provide a comprehensive approach to cultivating thriving cultures through emotional intelligence and career planning. Whether focusing on school leaders and staff, at-risk students, or collegiate athletes, the 5L Framework offers a versatile and impactful guide for fostering positive environments in educational settings. 

Workshop 1:

From Good to Great: Cultivating Positive Team Cultures with the 5L Framework for School Leaders and Staff


This workshop is designed for school leaders and staff aiming to elevate their school’s climate and culture. The 5L Framework, focusing on Learn, Listen, Love (empathy), Live Values, and Lead with Purpose, serves as a transformative guide. Participants can choose between an à la carte style or a sequential deep dive, enabling personalized professional development that aligns with their school’s vision.
The 5L Framework by TheLEADAAC

Key Elements:

Workshop 2:

From Connection to Collaboration: Cultivating Positive Team Cultures with the 5L Framework for Staff and Students


Tailored for addressing the needs of at-risk students, this workshop employs the 5L Framework to strengthen connections and collaboration between staff and students. By focusing on specific pillars such as Learn, Listen, Love, Live Values, and Lead with Purpose, participants gain insights and strategies to build better rapport and connection with students facing unique challenges.

Key Elements:

Workshop 3:

Empowering Student-Athletes: Leveraging NIL for Career Readiness and Professionalism


This 45-minute workshop is designed for collegiate athletics professionals seeking to empower student-athletes through the framework of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). The session aims to leverage NIL opportunities for enhancing career readiness and professionalism among student-athletes.

Key Elements:

School Partnerships

Through our partnerships with educators, we ensure the cultivation of a positive team culture that extends beyond the playing field, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose. We are committed to providing educators and coaches with the skills and resources they need to excel not only in their roles but also in shaping the future champions of our society.

At The LEAD Coaching, we believe that when educators and coaches lead by example, they inspire the next generation of purpose-driven leaders to excel in athletics, academics, and community involvement. Together, we are building a brighter future for all stakeholders in the educational and athletic journey.

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