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Upper Elementary - Middle School Students - Grades 5-8th

The Lead like a Champion Mentorship Program

The “Lead like a Champion Mentorship Program” is a transformative initiative designed to empower middle school students in grades 5-8 with essential life skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership qualities. This mentorship program, which includes a companion book titled “Lead Like a Champion” and a curriculum workbook, provides a comprehensive platform for holistic development.

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Companion Book:
"Lead Like a Champion

Our mentorship program is complemented by the book “Lead Like a Champion,”by former NFL athlete and now speaker Jeremiah E. Brown,  serving as the foundational guide for personal growth and leadership development. This book provides students with the wisdom and insights needed to navigate the complexities of adolescence and build critical life skills.

Curriculum Workbook:

The curriculum workbook is an invaluable resource that accompanies the book, offering a structured approach to personal and leadership development. It includes exercises, activities, and self-assessment tools to reinforce key concepts and engage students in meaningful self-discovery.

Program Benfits

The LEAD organization is responsible for equipping my student-athletes with the tools to handle academics and athletics. We are champions both on and off the field because of LEAD.

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The “Lead like a Champion Mentorship Program” is a holistic and transformative mentorship initiative that not only prepares middle school students to excel academically and athletically but also empowers them to lead with confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence. This program, complemented by the book “Lead Like a Champion” and the curriculum workbook is a vital resource for fostering personal and leadership development during the crucial middle school years.

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