We help schools develop a positive school culture while fostering leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and athlete development.

Health & Wellness Initiative

Social Emotional Learning and College/Career Readiness Curriculum Initiative

Professional Development for Staff, Educators, and Coaches

About The Lead AAC

In response to the critical need for addressing the social and emotional development of students, athletes, coaches, and educators, THE LEAD Athletics – Academy – Coaching Company has developed a comprehensive approach to bridge this gap. Our organization recognizes the challenges stemming from the absence of social-emotional development, including struggles with emotional well-being, mental health pressures on student-athletes, insufficient coaching strategies, and the oversight of social-emotional growth by educators.

Our mission is to cultivate thriving school cultures, foster servant leadership skills, nurture social-emotional intelligence, and advance athlete development.

Nurturing a culture of excellence in sports performance and athlete development, promoting physical and mental well-being among student-athletes using strength, speed, and conditioning.

We inspire the next generation to lead with purpose and EQ.

Equipping educators and coaches with specialized professional development, fostering strong relationships, and building positive team cultures within school communities.

Our Vision

At THE LEAD AAC COMPANY, we aspire to be the beacon of transformation, where students, athletes, educators, and coaches unite to shape a future marked by purposeful leadership and thriving communities. We envision a landscape where our mission-driven approach not only fosters champions on the field and in the classroom but also cultivates an ecosystem of empowered individuals.

Through our commitment to specialized training, mentorship, and the cultivation of strong relationships, we envision a future where positive team cultures flourish within school communities. In this future, our collective efforts will ripple beyond sports and academics, creating a legacy of leaders who embody excellence, collaboration, and profound positive influence. 

Together, we are shaping a brighter and more purpose-driven tomorrow for all those we serve.

Building and Cultivating the Village Our Youth Need

Leaders Made
Cities Impacted

The mental aspect and the physical aspect... amazing transformation in such a short period of time. Just the grit has stepped up. They're faster and stronger, and their confidence... you see it in the game now. The coaches are fantastic [in] getting them to the next level.

Teddy R. Parent
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